AlDawliyah Insurance Services

DIS has access to multiple national, international and Islamic insurance institutions easily and quickly allowing the client to shop around with only one appointment.

DIS is able to get the client the best interest rates, meaning that you don't have to spend hours on the phone or online looking for quotes yourself. This can save a considerable amount of time, as insurance companies require a large amount of information in order to create a quote.

DIS provides all of the appropriate paper work and ensures that all the correct information is provided by both the insurance company and the client.

DIS knows all the options and can sit down with the client and work out the best insurance cover for any given situation.

A broker can help clients who have credit problems. They can find alternative solutions where they exist to allow clients to get their credit back in order and/or get the financing they require.

There are no extra fees for the client to utilize the services of DIS as we are getting paid by the insurance institutions.

DIS will fight your corner with an underwriter, should you need to make a claim - so not only we can get you the best deals; we also come with added peace of mind.

AlDawliyah Insurance Services L.L.C