Policy Cancellation

You can request for a policy cancellation under any of the following criteria:
• Vehicle sold or ownership transferred to another owner.
• Vehicle Insured with a different insurance policy and the vehicle to be registered in Traffic department with the same insurance policy.
• Vehicle Exported outside U.A.E.
• Other Cancellation reasons that are compatible with Insurance Authority rules and regulations.

What should I do to request for my policy cancellation?

• Fill in a cancellation request.
• Provide the reason for cancellation with related supporting documents.
• Provide copies and details of all related documents, policy certificate and your ID.
• Visit any of AlDawliyah Insurance Services offices with your required documents.

What documents should I provide?

We will ask you to provide the documents which are related to your cancellation reason. We mentioned some document sample below, but it’s not limited to.
• Cancellation Letter from Traffic department.
• Vehicle Transfer Certificate Issued by Traffic Department.
• Insured’s Emirates ID Copy.
• New Vehicle Registration Copy with New Insurance.
• For any further assistance and clarifications, you can contact AlDawliyah Insurance Services by phone or email.

Refund Conditions:

• Cancellation Refund Premium payable to the Insured only.
• Cancellation and or refund are subject to evaluation of documents and the policy terms and conditions.
• Refund requests are processed for policies having no reported claims.
• Premium refund is calculated based on a refund tariff structure by Insurance Authority.
• Refund will be paid by cheque only, and to be collected from our offices.

Policy Cancellation TimeLine:

After submitting your documents it will take 10 to 15 working days to complete the cancellation process.


The currency of transaction is UAE Dirhams.

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