Fire and accidents

Fire insurance covers your property structure against fire and other similar hazards. In case it happens, your insurance policy will help you with the financial means to replace what you have lost. There are two categories of cover under this product in which one can insure property.
The basic being the cover against the losses &/or damages due to Fire and lightning only. ( Standard Fire policy)
The additional cover is against losses &/or damages due to Fire, lightning and Allied Perils such as earthquake, storms, floods, damage by air craft, impact by vehicles.
Extension to Burglary can be added to both types. The Burglary insurance covers losses or damages due to "violent entry".

Money Insurance

It covers loss of money while:
In safe at the office
In transit between the office and bank and vice versa
Out of safe in working hours at the office
In the care of company’s responsible staff
Money would be cash, notes, cheques, and securities for money, stamps, postal and money orders.

Business Interruption

In case of loss due to fire or damages to your premises, you will be unable to continue doing business after the outbreak of the fire. Although, there are certain standing charges that will continue irrespective of the situation that the insured is placed in. These expenses such as bank interests, employee's salaries, rent, electricity and other standing charges will still need attention in addition to the loss of revenue.
Business interruption policy will help you in this situation and recover the loss instead of you.

Fidelity guarantee

Fidelity guarantee policy covers any loss caused due to any act(s) of Forgery or embezzlement, larceny &/or fraudulent conversation committed by an employee in the course of their duties.

Engineering Contractors All Risk (CAR)

It is a policy that provides protection against loss or damage to the contract works, construction plant, equipment and machinery, as well as against third-party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a construction project.
CAR is an all risk policy. All risk policy is a policy which covers any risk which is not specifically excluded.
The most causes of losses are fire, lightning, explosion Flood, inundation, Theft, burglary, negligence, malicious acts or human error.

Engineering Contractors’ plant and machinery insurance (CPM)

This policy covers any accidental and sudden physical loss of or damage to the insured equipments. This cover excludes internal breakdown since internal break down is covered under Machinery breakdown policy. CPM covers equipments any time and any where and it is not limited to a specific location This policy is mostly taken by contractors, or factories.

Engineering Machinery Breakdown insurance (MBD)

This policy covers machinery and mechanical equipment. It covers them any time and any where. It covers loss or damage due to many causes such as Physical explosion, electrical short circuit, faulty design and lack of skill.

Engineering EE (Electronic Equipment)

Electronic equipment means all electrical and electronic systems like medical electronic equipments, computers, laptops and all communication or navigation equipments.
This policy has three sections:
A- Material damage cover
EE is an all risks policy that covers losses or damages, which physically affect the insured electronic equipment. Causes are many, but these are the most popular causes:
Fire, smoke, water
Negligence and malicious act of anybody
Electrical causes such as short circuits
B- External data media cover
Cover the material value of the external data media used in the EE.
Cover the costs of restoring lost information.
C- Increased cost of working cover
It covers extra expenses as transport and hiring costs for data media.
It covers personnel expenses for extra working hours, hotels expenses and working on public vacations.

Liabilities Workmen’s compensation (WC)

This policy will indemnify the insured against all sums for which he will be liable under the U.A.E. Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 and subsequent amendments to pay compensation to any employee in his service due to accidents arising out in the course of his employment.
It covers Medical expenses up to a certain limit (agreed between the two parties). The default is 5000 AED.
It covers expenses of repatriation for the body following work accident up to a Certain limit (agreed between the two parties). The default is 5000 AED.
It covers Employer's Liability up to a certain limit in one accident or in the aggregate. (Employer's Liability is the liability arising of accidents to employees due to employer’s negligence. Ex. Accident for the employee while he is working on a machine due to lack of maintenance from the employers side to that machine).

Liabilities Professional indemnity (PI)

It is a policy that covers professionals against any liability arising out of their negligence.Professionals are engineers, consultants, architects and doctors…etc.
This cover indemnifies against legal liability for negligent acts, errors, and breach of duty or omission arising out of course of professional activities.

Liabilities Products liability

it is a policy that covers the insured liability against any liability arising out of the insured products.
It covers:
Death or bodily injury to third parties
Any loss or damage to third party’s properties.
All legal costs and expenses.
This cover is usually taken by medicine companies, electrical companies and baby toys companies.

Liabilities Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance indemnifies the third parties due to the Legal liability of the insured resulting from negligence or beach of duty from the insured.


Cargo Insurance will cover loss or damage of goods transited by air, sea or road.
The most famous and used cargo clauses are:
1.Institute Cargo Clause ‘C’ CL254 (1/1/82)
Covers Fire and explosion
Stranding, grounding and sinking
General average
Overturning or derailment
Collision of vessel with external object other than water
Discharge of cargo at port of distress
2. Institute Cargo Clause ‘ B’ CL253(1/1/82)
It includes all covers under ‘C’ & also:
Earth quake, volcanic eruption or lightning
Water damage by entry of sea/river water
Total loss of packages lost overboard
Total loss of packages dropped during loading and unloading
3. Institute Cargo Clause ‘A’ CL 252 (1/1/82)
It’s an all risk policy of loss or damage to the insured subject.
It includes all covers under ‘B’ and ‘C’ & also:
Scratching,chipping,denting and bruising
All water damage including rain water.

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